Root hierarchy explained


Root hierarchy explained

Root hierarchy is a special folder hierarchy package that includes root directory structure for allowing Read/Write/Execute access to the iOS filesystem.

The Root hierarchy is installed with iOS installation using PurpleRestore app ( selected in PurpleRestore’s Toggle editor in “Install Root” field) it also could be an archive

By default Root hierarchy upon installation-allows only root Read access and Execute privilege. To enable Read/Write access to the device’s filesystem- “Make Root Filesystem Writable” option should be selected

If one wants to get effect of it similar to “Jailbreak”- Post Restore Script must also be ran in PurpleRestore to enable unsigned apps (e.g. from Cydia) to be freely intalled

Even more Purple…

here’s some more tools I can propose you: AppleConnect account with VPN access 5000$ AppleConnect account (with no VPN access)-1500$
PurpleRestore (any build)-300$ purple_restore exec(no gui, command-line tool)-250$ purple_installer, puple_console, purple_image_mounter, ramrod_firmware_erasor, haywire_pakager, image3maker,image3ROmaker, PurpleExec, slurper-250$ each
internal ios images-(internal, development or debug kernel) 500$ each
ios 7 internal dev. image bundle-1500$
PurpleFat,PurpleSniff, DCSD,PurpleBuildSanitizer -300 $ for each app activate,factory_activator, BehaviourScan -50$ each
factory_restore private key -25000$
BurnIn app, SkankPhone, BonFire and Inferno-250$ each (with AppleConnect gesture-based login) 300$
Plenty of SB app’s (HW-testing)-200$ each
ForensicRamdisk image ( internal apple ram-disk to “hack” iPhone security and dump NAND or whatever)-1000$ (Used with slurper,purple_image_mounter,ramrod_firmware_erasor,bootit,DCSD,…etc.)
iPhone configuration utility (internal)-doesn’t require app to be signed to install (works only with internal root install ios) 800$
Astris probe (cable) Iphone2g-iPhone 4S)-500$
n94dev board-2000$ (rare&weird one-not red,but brown -like on ap devices rare internal iBoot 1219.42.3)
iPhone 4s prototype (n94dev) with internal BurnIn iOS in restore loop serial # 123456789, iBoot-1219.42.3  -3000$  
root_hierarchy files (for different iOS builds) -500$

PurpleRestore toolset

Apple internal toolset for IPhone and all iOS devices (iPad,IPod Touch)



Unlike ordinary customers, using iTunes to sync our i-devices an update iOS with very limited option-set (juts install what apple wants us to and no possibility to downgrade iOS or cancel baseband update) Apple Inc. uses very different toolset to manage ios-devices. This secret toolset,that even developers have never seen or heard of is a PurpleRestore tools!


This apple internal toolset includes few apps-PurpleRestore, PurpleSNIFF,PurpleFAT and PurpleBuildSanitizer


Now let’s talk about each of them in brief:


PurpleRestore-let’s call it professional iTunes)) Using PurpleRestore you can install any iOS on your i-device, e.g.-you can install iOS 6 on IPhone 3G, whereas using iTunes you’re limited with iOS 4.2-not higher. In tool interface you can chose among many options like-erase install to format your i-device or update install, then you can choose a kernel type-developer,user or production, you also can choose to update firmware with baseband, or only firmware or only baseband install

The software doesn’t use ipsw firmware packages, but uses Bundles-simply a folder with iOS with .Restore extension



PurpleSniff is a software for IPhone diagnistics-it runs complex diagnostics of your device and gives you a report. Also it includes options to restart device, and erase device(format)It also includes a console, similar to console in IPhone Configuration Utility.While working,diagnostic test take approx. 160 seconds- it plays a funny music in chinese stile) 


PurpleFAT is a tool for factory-activation of IPhone. The interface is very simple so you can just connect a device and wait few moments while it’s being factory-activated.



PurpleBuildSanitizer-is a tool used for striping developer restore bundles before making a commercial (production kernel) ipsw for general users.


All this tools are used ONLY by apple and are held in secret from general public, so a few only know about their existence



Now this tools are exclusively for sale! Price-just 1000 USD for an unlimited possibilities of your IPhone usage!!!



email for purchase PurpleRestore tools